August 30 – September 29, Svolvær

Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF) 2019 takes its inspiration from the multitude of inhabitants, materials, struggles, and processes that reside and take place within the wide intertidal zone surrounding the Lofoten islands. Like the tide, the festival ebbs and flows through the year in four small communities across the entire archipelago. The exhibitions and public programme take place in Svolvær from August 30 to September 29.

News and events:

28. april kl. 14:00 – 16:15
«Semiotics of the Cod» by Joao Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira at Skrova Ungdomshus. A common Portuguese codfish dinner with an lecture performance that reveals the entanglements between codfish, national identity and sexuality. The dinner and event is free and open for everyone to attend.

April 27 – May 12
Field Trip with R/V Helmer Hanssen
LIAF-artists Toril Johannessen and Michaela Casková will take part in a large-scale research cruise, looking for tiny zooplankton.

April 24 at 18:00
«An acoustic tidal canvas» with Signe Lidén at Lysbøen in Ramberg. Presentation in collaboration with Akademigruppa at Lysbøen.

March – May
João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
Residency in Skrova

March – May
Signe Lidén
Residency in Ramberg

Trygve Luktvasslimo recorded film score for LIAF-2019 with concert organist Gunnar Idenstam.
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