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Listen to the tide on September 7

Thinking Tide, Sensing Scale, the second in our series of High Tides weekend programmes is inspired and co-curated by artist Signe Lidén.

19:00 – Listening Session
A collective listening event featuring an extended version of Signe Lidén’s podcast The Tidal Sense followed by a conversation between the artist, Arjen Mulder (Biology and Media Theory) and Grace Dillon (via live stream). At Svolvær Film Theatre

20:00 – Performance
Signe Lidén initiates a sound performance in dialogue with her installation within the exhibition space. At The Former Lofotposten Building

21:00 – Concert
Percussionist Greg Fox performs in response to the ideas generated around the intertidal zone and the acoustic space of the exhibition venue. At The Former Lofotposten Building

Photo: Signe Lidén