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Something for Something – free accommodation for a good deed

Something for Something is Kateřina Šedá’s contribution to LIAF 2019. For this artwork to come alive we need YOU, both locals in Svolvær and travellers. Take a look, and see how you can get something for something. Sometimes all it takes is an idea.


Do you need to repair something at home? Do you need someone to accompany you to the doctor? Or would you like more flowers in a park in town? Whatever you need help with, contact us!
Kateřina Šedá is the artist behind the project SOMETHING FOR SOMETHING, which is part of LIAF 2019.
As part of this project, accommodation is offered to tourist in a caravan in the city center (from August28 to September 22) only under one condition: that the tourist pay for the accommodation by a positive gesture or good deed that can benefit the local community. Send your wish for what the tourist can contribute with through this form or to
Or pop by The North Norwegian Art Center by the town square to submit your wish.


Would you like to stay for free in Lofoten and do a good deed?
You can rent the caravan for a deposit of 100 NOK a night (the minimum price allowed at Airbnb). The deposit will be reimbursed to you as soon as your part of the deal is done.

Kateřina would like to ask you in advance for a short motivation letter which includes a few words about yourself/ves, what your skills are (ex: can you do carpentry, are you a decent trumpet player, are you a good listener etc.), and maybe some concrete ideas on how you could help this particular place. The exact action will be agreed on upon arrival, and will be something both parties are comfortable with.

The caravan will be situated in the centre of Svolvær, Lofoten. It has a cosy dining area with an ocean view, and a large and comfortable double bed. The kitchen has an induction hob and a refrigerator.

You can take a closer look and book the caravan through Airbnb.