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Note #2: Knitting the five-armed jumper

The curatorial arms of LIAF are waving with gestures suggestive of camaraderie, struggle, excitement, curiosity, as well as a movement for the sake of movement. Expansive rather than focused, the arms aim to open up a set of conversations that can overlap and connect, despite being directed by their own concerns…

From the horse’s mouth considers communities, communication, relationships, and resources from both the human and other-than-human perspective in the village of Digermulen in Eastern Lofoten. Synergies, resistances, shape-shifting and myth-making will be approached in relation to the materiality of these local actors. In this arm a special focus on seaweed, oral histories, and the presence of the wind will help uncover a collection of stories spoken directly from their intertidal sources.

Thinking tide, sensing scale emerges from an interest in time, long-term thinking, the tidal processes that surround Lofoten, and the wider spectrum of (natural) phenomena and forces that affect the planet. ‘Sensing scale’ implies an exploration of both the objects of study, but also of the ‘apparatuses’ themselves and notions of measurement – here we see a more ontological approach to the artist’s medium and material, and an opening of coincidental occurrences.

Splash, stress & elasticity considers humans & their space. The conversation will stitch together topics such as migrational patterns, Neoliberal Capitalism, and the seasonal overpopulation that occurs throughout the ‘high tide’ of the tourist season in Lofoten. It will explore notions of pressure and tension, and the straining infrastructures that attempt to cope with these rhythmic and cyclic movements.

The desiring arm of maths, matter & body seeks to explore the resonance and contradictions between human bodies, solid matter, statistics, algorithms, gravity, etc. It will centre on imperfection, precision, error, pattern, and erasure, with an emphasis on embodied responses to the inexplicable and the unexplained.

The fifth, unnamed arm is dedicated to the unspecified… Undefined and tentative, it represents an interest in the indeterminate, in the inbetween, in unknown outcomes. And that is all we are able to say right now.