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Devil’s Apron (Kåre Grundvåg and Trond Ansten)

Devil’s Apron (Kåre Grundvåg and Trond Ansten) is an artist duo inspired by the rumour that the inuits of Kamchatka made an alcohol beverage from red algae. With these stories in mind, these two Tromsø-based artists set on a journey to find the recipe. Their works are conceived as interventions, films and objects, as well as harvesting and brewing activities. Recent exhibitions include: TANG at Barents Spektakel 2019, Kirkenes and Algal Bloom, exhibition at Træna Museum og Trænafestivalen, Træna (2017).

Devil’s Apron contributed with their work Intertidal Shelter where the first part took the form of a performance during the opening of LIAF and the second part as a social intervention during the Kelp Congress.