Elatu Nessa

Elatu Nessa is a solo project by Helsinki-based artist Rusto Myllylahti. His music is homemade and meditative, using a combination of psychedelic guitars, chants, blues hooks and loops. It is a soundtrack for snowy fields, desert dreams, for washing dishes and for making love. Self-made, ready-made, and found sounds are massaged together with blues guitars from the dumpster and imaginary computers. Since 2015 Elatu Nessa has taken form on the road in and around Europe, and the music has been captured on four solo releases and on selected compilations. www.soundcloud.com/elatu-nessa

Elatu Nessa contributes to the High Tides Programme of Maths, matter & body taking place on September 14. He also contributes to the LIAF 2019 exhibition with an audio work within the ( ) space.