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Green Music

Green Music is a collaborative project by Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage. Together they create musical pieces and installations that explore various beliefs and imaginations hovering around the colour green. By transforming found green objects into invented instruments and scenography, each piece becomes a dedication to a specific situation, an anecdote or a symbol – sometimes real and other times delusive – that the artists have encountered through their travels and conversations. The Chinese myth about a man wearing a green hat, the naming of Japanese traffic light colours or the imaginary chants of twin green dolphins jumping over a underwater tennis coat … Each of these stories inspired Sauvage and Cavaliere in their personal research on music making with raw and synthesized idiophones, stage landscape design as graphic scores, spontaneous field recording and organised improvisation.

Twin Emerald Dolphins, 2017
Twin Emerald Dolphins demonstrates the essence of the music of the duo Green Music (artists and musicians Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage) and how they give life to an imaginary score of “green” shaded stories with their sculptures and icons that are enlivened by animal voices, wind, and underwater flora.

Green Music contributed with this audio work within the
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