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Michaela Casková

Michaela Casková is a visual artist, illustrator, gardener and friend.
Walking, observing, asking, listening, picking, foraging, mapping and drawing are some of her tools.
She is obsessed with watching weather forecasts and observing how numbers and data really feel and how they affect our behaviour and action – how global affects local, common become personal and normal become rare? She focuses on processes of connecting, sharing, doing, being and learning together. As a board member of Mustarinda association she works on projects focused on sustainable values and lifestyle, ecological and cultural diversity, and different disciplines of art and science. The core activities of the association consist of independent and critical art, research and education.

Michaela took part in the Field Trip on the Helmer Hanssen during April and May 2019. The work that emerged from this experience was part of the
LIAF Exhibition