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Paola Torres Núñez del Prado

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado is an artist and researcher working with digital media, programming / interactive art, video, textiles and sound art. She explores the limits of the senses, in order to examine notions related to interpretation, translation, misrepresentation and even trans-sensorial experiences, where the distortions or irruptions generated on the patterns she uses as a proof of the continuity of the human mind (beyond culture), and how these aspects point to a disruption that affects both the social and the natural world. In her work, technology and traditional fabrics are intertwined, going against the apparent separation in between Traditional Crafts and Computer Science by exploring and designing both highly aesthetic prototypes and straightforward artworks that fit within the realm Tangible Interaction (Human-Computer Interaction) and Critical textiles, applying hybrid crafting practices that include both skilled manual labour as well as craftsmanship in electronic/digital technologies. Linked to sound, these textiles preserve the voices belonging to the reality of their original makers in a process where she only serves as a medium.

Paola’s work was part of the LIAF Exhibition, and she contributed to the High Tides Programme Maths, Matter & Body.