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Film Programme #4 – curated by HÆRK with Erik Martinson



Water Remembers All That has Been, All That Will Be
This is the last of four film programmes, a series entitled Still There are Seeds to be Gathered, and Room in the Bag of Stars and curated by HÆRK (Johanne Brandtzæg Slaatta, Magnus Holmen, Anna Näumann, Johanna Nyström, Hamid Waheed) with Erik Martinson. Supported and presented by Nordland Kunst og filmfagskole for LIAF 2019.

Featuring: Liquid Traces: The Left-to-Die Boat Case, Charles Heller & Lorenzo Pezzani, 2014, 18 min;
Deep Down Tidal, Tabita Rezaire, 2017, 19 min; Atlantiques, Mati Diop, 2009, 15 min; Delete Beach,
Phil Collins, 2016, 6:30 min; Facade Colour: Blue, Oleksiy Radynski, 2019, 22 min; Exile Exotic, Sasha
Litvintseva, 2015, 14 min; Castaic Lake, Brigid McCaffrey, 2010, 29 min.