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Kelp Medal Public Maker Lab #2 – Signe Johannessen



Help artist Signe Johannessen to create The Kelp Medal of Honour.

Artist Signe Johannessen can thank a special kind of seaweed for the fact that large parts of her family were born at all. When the Nazis came to Finnmark during World War II, one of her relatives hid in the intertidal zone by pretending to be a rock and covering himself under seaweed. This is part of the backdrop for her project entitled The Kelp Medal of Honour.

We invite you to a workshop where everyone is welcome to participate in the design of the medal itself. The medal will be cast in tin, and have elements of seaweed and kelp. The workshop runs over two days, and will lead into the Award Ceremony on Saturday 21 September at 13:00 in Svolvær Town Square.

Venue for the Public Maker Lab TBA.