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Devil’s Apron (Kåre Grundvåg & Trond Ansten)

Intertidal Shelter part I & II, 2019

Carved wooden logs, performative sculptural intervention, indefinite.

An architectural intervention in the littoral zone by the artist duo Devil’s Apron aims to ask the question: can we facilitate an intimate meeting between life within shallow water and us humans?
Inspired by the collaborative effort of yeast and brewers in the development of yeast logs*, Devil’s Apron present a speculative attempt to create a sculptural home for the inhabitants of the tidal belt. The artist duo, who work with seaweed as a raw material for brewing, have observed how macroalgae are gaining attention as a source of food and fuel in emerging industries. They want to take a step back and get to know the algae.

At low tide on Saturday 31st of August, a sculptural garden arose through a performance in the intertidal zone outside the Former Lofotposten Building.

Part II of Intertidal Shelter was unfold during The Kelp Congress between the 20th and 22nd of September.

*Wooden structures for conserving yeast between brewing sessions. Developed long before the scientific knowledge of microorganisms.

Intertidal Shelter part I & II is a new commission for LIAF 2019 / North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS).

Devil’s Apron (b.2016) are an artist duo consisting of Kåre Grundvåg and Trond Ansten, both based in Tromsø, Norway.