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Michaela Casková



Small Talk #4: Everything Weather, 2019

Time (hours and hours of staring at the horizon, reading from the sky, waiting for whales), Ears, eyes,speech, binoculars, pen, paper, clouds, winds, watercolours, nails, and wood.

Michaela Casková (b.1988) is an artist working in Helsinki, Finland.

Small Talk #4: Everything Weather is a new commission for
LIAF 2019 / North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS).

Small Talk #4: Everything Weather is a playful continuation of Michaela Casková’s ongoing interest in atmospheric observations and everyday speech.

Emerging during her LIAF field trip on the Helmer Hanssen research vessel in April/May, the 14 poems on display represent a form of weather reportage mediated through the overheard conversations of a group of scientists mapping the presence of a zooplankton species, the copepod Calanus finmarchicus, in the waters surrounding Lofoten.

The installation combines these written field recordings together with short personal reflections and small photographs of the sky, and it positions the collection next to an observation chair that faces the venue’s least obvious set of windows. Here, visitors are invited to sit, to look out, and to write about the weather that is seen, overheard, or felt.