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Tricia Middleton

– – – – – – – – – -, 2019

To find is to repeatedly trace a form or phenomena in the air or water over time, orbiting its contours, until an opening, imperceptible by the usual means, might be accessed. To surpass the boundary of these mysterious spheres of temporarily gathered ephemera – not inclined towards revealing so much, going further into the form or phenomena itself, to find that which it is you are seeking, to make a connection, however fleeting – requires a lot of dedication to being adrift in these necessarily circuitous states of the unknown. Being, as a constant form of change within yourself.

– Thoughts gathered by the artist along the sidewalk while walking towards Sacré-Cœur, morning, May 17th, 2019. French and Italian mixed silk and cotton tapestries (synthetic and natural dye processes, industrial and homemade); ribbon; wool; collected objects in porcelain, glass, crystal, glazed and fired ceramics, stuffed animals, figurines, homemade handicrafts by others; painting; photography; collage; air dried clay ceramic objects and assemblages, painted, not fired; wax bricks; miscellaneous debris, collected outdoors; loose or broken fragments, collected in the studio; dust; sound; voice.

Contributors: Frantz Jørgensen (found objects, durational performance circling the Lofoten Islands by boat, 1975-1995); Cynthia Mitchell (painting, peculiar online clothing purchases); Celia Perrin Sidarous (photography, costumes).

– – – – – – – – – – is a new commission for LIAF 2019 / North Norwegian Art Centre.

Tricia Middleton (b.1972) is an artist working in Montréal, Canada.