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More than LIAF

In addition to the Lofoten International Art Festival's own program, there are several other interesting and exciting events taking place in Svolvær and Lofoten during LIAF 2019. The Lofoten International Art Festival is an important meeting place in Northern Norway for many who work with visual arts, and this year there are several events, seminars and other things to attend. Since most of the events below are organised independently of us, we are not responsible for any program changes, so please check the organizations' websites for more and up-to-date information.

These are some of the events you might combine with a LIAF visit in September:

August 29–September 22
Tine Lundkvist

Exhibition at Svolvær kunstforening.
Open Thursdays 18:30–20:30, Saturdays & Sundays 12:00–15:00

August 31
14:00 at Styrhuset Pub
Booklaunch and panel discussion: The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2019
Organised by: The Norwegian Art Yearbook
Where: Svolvær
Read more here.
Free and open for all audiences
The Norwegian Art Yearbook is the only annual publication about the Norwegian art scene. With specially commissioned articles, art reviews, and presentations of selected artists and exhibitions, it offers a broad picture of Norwegian contemporary art. The book is published by the Norwegian Art Yearbook in collaboration with Pax Forlag. The Norwegian Art Yearbook was first published in 1992. The Norwegian Art Yearbook 2019 contains articles from among others Jonas Ekeberg, Kåre Bulie, Anne Schäfer Karlsen, Irene Snarby and Geir Haraldseth, and a great number of Norwegian artists.

September 1-2
Stories told and re-told
Organised by: Maaretta Jaukkuri Foundation
Where / When:
Sep 1: Arbeideren, Torget, Kabelvåg from 12.00

Sep 2: Maaretta Jaukkuri Foundation, Kvalnes, Lofoten (Organised transport from Kabelvåg at 9.30
Tuesday morning)
Free and open for all audiences
See their homepage and facebook page for full programme and up to date information.

To register for food and bus transport to Kvalnes, please email

A two day seminar organised by the Maaretta Jaukkuri Foundation. Speakers and contributors include among others: Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen (NO), Hilde Østby (NO), Matti Hyvärinen (FI), Fadlabi (SD/NO), Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen (DE). The seminar language is english. Excerpt from the programme description: MJFs starting point is art, from here we address other fields of thinking. Similarly we want to approach the subject of narration and storytelling from several angles, seen through art, film, social research, literature, philosophy, politics and local history. We would like to combine a theoretic perspective with the personal, artistic and performative. This subject feels urgent and important in a media- and debate reality full of confusing facts with real political consequences.

September 2
On & for Production and Distribution
Organised by: Nordland college of art and film
Where: Nordland college of art and film, Tore Hjorts gate 22, Kabelvåg
When: September 2. from 10.00
Free and open for all audiences

The On & For public programme at Nordland Art and Film School consists of a 1-day symposium on artists' moving image production, presentation, dissemination, and the future of the field. With an array of voices to be heard—artists, academics, producers, festival programmers, curators, and more. The day of talking points will culminate in hearing from two artists in focus and a screening programme. Confirmed speakers: Knut Åsdam, Lene Berg, Dora García, Katja Eyde Jacobsen (Alternativet), Ilona Jurkonytė (Kaunas IFF), Olivier Marboeuf, Anže Peršin, Jean-Pierre Rehm (FIDMarseille), Mike Sperlinger, and Dan Ward. The symposium language is English.
See full and up to date programme here.

September 24
Thomas Voll – You Might Like Me Better if We Sleep Together
You Might Like Me Better If We Sleep Together explores the power structures hidden beneath the surface when we approach each other with the desire of attention and sex, and comments on men’s boundaries around body and sexuality. Concepts such as «dick pics» and «test driving the car» are terms that are explored in the search for the answer to what boundaries are and where the boundaries goes.

Choreography/dance: Thomas Voll / Composer: Tine Surel Lange / Dramaturg: Mette Myhr / Lights: Lucjan Golas

The project is funded by: Norsk kulturråd, Norsk kulturfond / Arts Council Norway, Dansearena nord, Nordland fylkeskommune / Nordland county council & Lofoten kulturhus

Lofoten Kulturhus, Lillemolla
September 24 2019
18:00 & 20:00
Tickets can be found HERE.

September 25
Artist Run Spaces
Organised by: Kurant by invitation from LIAF
Where: Svolvær (venue tba)
When: Public roundtable on Sep 25

The Second International Congress for Artist Run Spaces will bring together self-organised artist initiatives to discuss, share, problem solve and build solidarity on the difficulties and joys of running 'space' as artists. Over the course of a week, the Congress seeks to concretise some of the conversations and knowledge following the conversations, to be a resource for our colleagues and
peers as they run into problems and to help foreground and retain the artists working within artist-run initiatives, and why we do it.
A public roundtable with short presentations will follow the private forums, on the 25th, with opportunities for public questions, answers and problem solving.' Kurant visningsrom is an artist-run space based in Tromsø, which has been running since 2009. Since November 2018, we have been without permanent premises and are currently running a nomadic programme in and around the Tromsø area. Kurant's objectives are to assist in the development and strengthening of Tromsø's growing art scene and environment. The programme is shaped by the artists who organise and run the space, focusing particularly on contemporary emerging and early career artists. We are currently run by Robert Julian B. Hvistendahl, Humle Rosenkvist and Ruth Aitken, with additional help from André Enger Aas, and recieve funding from the Norwegian Arts Council and Tromsø Kommune.
Among participating organisations are Raketa (SE), Bingo (FI). More to be announced.

September 27-28
Speculative documentation
Organised by: Fridaymilk and LIAF
Where: Svolvær, NNKS, Fiskergata 5
When: Sep 27-28
Workshop with a limited number of participants. Application deadline August 15. Information on
how to apply here.

On 27 and 28 September 2019, Lofoten International Art Festival and Fridaymilk will organise a two-day Speculative Documentation Lab in Lofoten, Norway. Speculative Documentation is a laboratory where participants from Russia and Norway immerse into the festival and create an issue of a digital zine with alternative stories of the place by the help of varied tools like text, photo, video, design and sound. The Lab will be facilitated by Oleg Khadartsev, representative of the Russian art and media collective Fridaymilk and Hilde Sørstrøm, Norwegian art critic and editor of the on-line magazine Participation is free. Working language is English. Travel costs and accommodation are covered by the project organisers.