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The Former Lofotposten Building



Avisgata 5

About the venue

The Svolvær building that once housed production of the major regional newspaper “Lofotposten” is the chief exhibition space for the LIAF 2019 show. The building was constructed in 1963; printing presses and production facilities spread across four stories, the third-floor having a staff restaurant. Lofotposten moved in 2011; for years, talk had suggested that the site will become a hotel, apartments, or offices. Meanwhile the facility has been empty for long periods but has been a temporary site for Svolvær’s primary and secondary schools. Extensive renovation will begin in the autumn of 2019, with the building soon to become an apartment complex. LIAF 2019 will adopt the site as it now is, gutted of its furnishings – creating several large open spaces – so that the emphasis will be on the building’s special architectural characteristics and its placement on the waterfront.

Opening hours for the exhibition Tuesday through Sunday 12–19.