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Thinking tide, sensing scale

Saturday September 7

Thinking tide, sensing scale emerges from an interest in time, long-term thinking, the tidal processes that surround Lofoten, and the wider spectrum of (natural) phenomena and forces that affect the planet. Sensing scale implies an exploration of both the objects of study, but also of the ‘apparatuses’ themselves and notions of measurement – here we see a more ontological approach to the artist’s medium and material, and an opening of coincidental occurrences.

19:00 – Listening Session
A collective listening event featuring an extended version of Signe Lidén’s podcast The Tidal Sense followed by a conversation between the artist and Arjen Mulder (Biology and Media Theory). At Svolvær Film Theatre

20:00 – Performance
Signe Lidén initiates a sound performance in dialogue with her installation within the exhibition space. At The Former Lofotposten Building

21:00 – Concert
Percussionist Greg Fox performs in response to the ideas generated around the intertidal zone and the acoustic space of the exhibition venue. At The Former Lofotposten Building