Tricia Middleton

Tricia Middleton lives and works in Montreal, Quebec. Her artistic practice involves the creation of large-scale installations, consisting of a variety of elements including loosely sewn silk and cotton fabrics, ceramics, painting and photography. She gathers, repurposes and mixes found objects with the handmade, as well as materials culled from nature, to explore the inherent potential, and to consider the possibility for feeling of these materials and the objects themselves. Her work attempts to engage the psychoanalytic technique of transference between human and material in order to facilitate insights into the sense encounters that occur around the extremes of aesthetic experience, from the abject to the sublime. In this way, deeper relationships between the animate and so-called inanimate are cultivated, in order to open up greater potentials for empathy between all forms currently in existence, or yet to arrive. Tricia Middleton attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design (1997) and completed her MFA at Concordia University (2005).